The Equality of Women and Men

Bahá’í’s believe firmly in the equality of men and women.   Bahá’í’s do not however, blindly state or think that there are no differences between women and men.   This may sound contradictory at first, until one realizes that differences exist between all individuals.

The state of equality a person has with others is separate from the ways in which they are different from others.   Equality is not achieved by purposely ignoring or feigning being blind to the differences between people.   Equality is achieved by giving the same respect and consideration, opportunities, and fair treatment to everyone regardless of their differences.   At the same time, just as there are differences between individuals, so too are there factors which make male and female different.

Bahá’í’s accept and rejoice in the differences between men and women. These differences however, are not grounds for restriction, repression, or discrimination against women.

Bahá’í’s believe that true peace, fairness, and justice, will not be truely achieved throughout the world until women have the same rights and priviledges as men.