Spiritual Education of Children

Teach unto your children the words that have been sent down from God, that they may recite them in the sweetest of tones. This standeth revealed in a mighty Book.


As to thy question concerning training children: It is incumbent upon thee to nurture them from the breast of the love of God, to urge them towards spiritual matters, to turn unto God and to acquire good manners, best characteristics and praiseworthy virtues and qualities in the world of humanity, and to study sciences with the utmost diligence; so that they may become spiritual, heavenly and attracted to the fragrances of sanctity from thiner childhood and be reared in a religious, spiritual and heavenly training. Verily, I beg of God to confirm them therein.


The first trainer of the child is the mother. The babe, like unto a green and tender branch, will grow according to the way it is trained. If the training be right, it will grow right, and if crooked, the growth likewise, and unto the end of life it will conduct itself accordingly.

Training aids for teaching include the Holy Texts of the Baha’i Faith.
There are two magazines that feature stories of the historical figures of the Faith and well as teaching virtues.
Brilliant Star is written for children 6-10 years of age.

Varqa International Children’s Magazine is written for chilcren 9-14 years of age.